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  Electrician Gloucester
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Electrical Contractor Gloucester
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"At Brimstone Electrical we have experienced electricians specialising in the design, installation, connection and commissioning of low voltage distribution panels and switchgear for industrial applications from 125A Distribution Boards to 6000A switch boards with integrated, complex control systems."
"Experienced and professional electricians"
If you are looking for a technically accurate and competitively priced solution for your factory, manufacturing plant or industrial building then call and speak to us at Brimstone Electrical. Our experienced electrical engineers can design and build bespoke panels to your exact specifications that complies with British Standard BS EN 9001.
Working across Gloucestershire and Wiltshire we have a team of electrical engineers on hand to deliver your project quickly, efficiently and accurately keeping to strict timescales with minimal disruption to your business.

Included with every switchboard designed by Brimstone:

Electrician Contractors Gloucester Form 2 - 4, type 1 – 7 forms of separation
Electrician Contractors Gloucester 100A to 6300A rating
Electrician Contractors Gloucester IEC 61439-1 type tested assemblies
Electrician Contractors Gloucester Top and bottom, entry or exit cable entries
Electrician Contractors Gloucester Front and rear board access
Electrician Contractors Gloucester Surge protection
Electrician Contractors Gloucester Switchboard or standalone power factor correction
Electrician Contractors Gloucester Restricted or unrestricted earth fault protection
Electrician Contractors Gloucester Mains, generator manual or automatic changeover controls
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Electrician Gloucester
Electrical Contractor Gloucester
Domestic Services
We at Brimstone Electrical Services are Gloucester's leading domestic electrical contractors.
Electrician Gloucester
Electrician Gloucester
Electrical Contractor Gloucester
We provide a high quality repair, maintenance and installation services to businesses both large and small.
Electrician Gloucester
Electrician Gloucester
Electrical Contractor Gloucester
industrial services
Pori vi ding a trusted and reliable electrical services that are perfect for industrial properties.
Electrician Gloucester
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